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Nizina Cabin

Our cabin located 13 miles out of McCarthy on the Nizina River, accessed by snow machine or 4-wheeler. This 12' x 16' timber frame was milled on site with a chainsaw from beetle kill spruce. Each log was hauled from a ravine up river on snow machine. The community took part in the raising of the frame. The shell is super insulated which makes for inside temperatures to remain even and comfortable, even when temperatures dip to -40 deg. F. Solar panels provide all the necessary electricity to run lights, music and a computer. To accommodate a family of four and guests, each component utilizes the minimal amount of space for maximum amount of use. The 5' table pulls out to a 9' table. The couch made of salvaged beams folds out for guests. The stairs were prefabricated out of steel and plywood to take advantage of the material's strength to size ratio letting light pass through. A foldout desk is built into the shelving. The windows have shutters on barn door rails for easy coming and going, keeping it safe from curious bears when we're gone.

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