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This ranch house is located in Airport Heights neighborhood in Anchorage, Alaska. The clients bought this house in a severely dilapidated state. Throughout the years they had slowly upgraded all the finishes inside as well as doing a full kitchen remodel, removing a wall and adding some windows. The final step was to tackle the exterior (cracked vinyl and pressed aluminum brick patterned siding) with the hopes of moving the door from its former location where it opened up into the middle of the living room and making more of an entry space separate from the living space. They also wanted an oversized window seat to expand the living space. It turned out that it was difficult to fit a window seat without being too crowded between the ground, soffit, and front door, so we decided to bump out a larger portion and integrate the front door into the added space. The addition is on three piers and is set at an angle in order to accommodate the awning within the required setbacks. The interior has a long custom built-in couch with storage below. The client had begun siding the house with the metal standing seam in the back after upgrading the insulation and so this was continued around to the front. The bump out is a cement fiber board and painted white to integrate the white window frames more seamlessly.


Builder: Clients with Dan Myers

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